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Some of the common questions I recieve from customers.

1.  Do I need to send you my frame through a FFL?


No, I am a FFL so you can ship your firearm directly to me and receive it back without going through a FFL on your end.


2.  What is your current turnaround time?


Times vary depending on the time of the year and my full-time job.  Please contact me for a time estimate.


3.  Do you offer a MIL/LEO/First Responder Discount?  What about if I send in multiple frames for work?


I am happy to extend a 10% discount to MIL/LEO/First Responders.  I do my best to keep my prices as low as I can and do not offer a discount for multiple frames sent in at once.


4.  Can I get on a wait list and send my frame when you are ready for it?


I don't keep wait lists or have the time to contact everyone individually when I am ready for their frame.  Except for strange circumstances, frames are completed in the order they are received.


5.  Do I ship the entire gun or just the frame?  How should I ship my frame?

I only need your frame unless you are asking me to install sights or trigger parts.  I encourage you to look at the carrier that you prefer and be familiar with their shipping rules.


6.  Do I need to strip my frame of all parts?


No, just take the slide assembly off the frame and send the frame over.


7.  I saw some stippling done by X and wanted to know if you can copy it.


Absolutely not.  There are many people in the industry that I respect.  If you see something you like that someone else is doing I recommend you speak to them directly.


8.  You said turn around would be X weeks but it has now been X+ weeks, where is my frame?


All timelines given are approximate.  I do my best to complete all jobs within the time quoted but there are times when I get busy with my military job and can't get everything done as timely as I would like.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated.


9.  Do you offer expedited services?


Rarely, in some cases, I will offer expedited services.  The cost increases substantially to complete any expedited work.


10.  How do I pay?


I prefer not to accept payment for work I haven't completed.  If you include a check with your frame I will deposit it after I complete your work.  Otherwise, I will email you with PayPal payment instructions.


11.  Can I buy a gun online and have it shipped directly to you for work?


Yes, I will just require a FFL at your location to ship to once I am done.


12.  Can I order a new gun from you and have you work on it?


Yes, and I will usually beat most gun shops' prices.


13.  Do you offer local transfers or NFA transfers?


Yes, contact me for more info.


14.  Can I drop my frame off at your shop?


If you are local you are more than welcome to stop by and drop off.


15.  I would like to call and discuss my order.  Can you give me your number or give me a call?


While I would love to talk to every customer individually I just don't have to time between the military, my family and stippling.  Email is always going to be better for me but if you have questions/concerns that can't adequately be addressed in email I will call when I get a free moment.


16.  How often should I check on the status of my work?


I do a pretty good job of keeping to my quoted turnaround times.  If you are curious how much longer your work will be please email, I will respond as soon as I get a chance.  If it has passed the quoted turnaround time please email me immediately.


17.  Did you receive my frame?  How will I know?


I recommend you ship with insurance and tracking.  If you want to email and see if I received your frame please do.  I will respond as soon as I can.


18.  Can you repair a bad stippling job?


Short answer, usually.  I will need to see pics. 


19.  I want X, Y or Z modifications done to my frame but they are not listed on your website.  Can you do it and what will it cost?


If you want something that isn't listed on my price sheet please ask.  I will do my best to accommodate.



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